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About Jenée Dionne

A vibrant spirit who is a proud mother, friend and entrepreneur fighting multiple sclerosis. Motivated by the will to be triumphant through tragedy following the death of her youngest daughter, she has pushed through in an effort to become a leading designer brand. As the innovative creator of the Cazhmo (casual motor) Jackets, Jenée Dionne is no stranger to high fashion. She arrived in the world of fashion by way of couture gowns that have showcased across the nation since 2013. She then broke into ready-to-wear with a high fashion reversible women's wear collection entitled “Reflections” that ultimately led to the wearable art of her designer mixed-media men's and women's jackets. Jenée Dionne is standing in her purpose, while being triumphant through tragedy.

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The Experience

Design is inspired by the fluidity of life, as the spirit of the designer is woven into the fabric with each stitch. Meticulously selecting fabric of different mediums to create a cohesive piece of wearable art.  


Relationships First

Buying from an independent designer creates a closer relationship with the things you wear every day. The Jenée Dionne brand is transparent with our design and manufacture process. We are inspired by the relationships we have built, while grateful to see how our designs fit into your lifestyle.